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I have a seeker's heart. I don't like monotony and the tedious repetition of the so-called 'personal style'. Courage and artistic change are very important to me. This is what gives me a sense of freshness. I don't want to be a whole-life slave to just one successful style. That would have a disastrous effect on me. I am trying to keep in touch with the dynamic nature of our times. That's why there is such diversification in my work. I draw before audiences, work with a variety of materials, make illustrations, paintings, sculptures; I am generally open to the challenges that surround us. Some of my projects follow a specific theme and are inspired by science – such as 'Particle Metamorphoses' and 'Timeline of the Universe', exhibited in CERN in 2016 and 2018. Others are born of the wealth and wisdom of the ancient classical thought - such a project is 'Mythology', which was exhibited in Liechtenstein National Museum in 2015. In 2017, I created the satirical project '21st Century' to show the contrasts of our times. It shows some of the most prominent politicians worldwide drawn in the form of playing cards. Drawing live before an audience is an incredible source of energy to me, it provides me with a very special feeling. I do this at various stages and forums - such as EXPO Milano and EXPO Astana, in cathedrals in Germany, at jazz festivals in Europe. This is all me, and I think that when the artist has an open attitude, his appeals can be felt by the other party.

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