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The Last Supper

Project Goal

Combining unnecessary waste and humanity by-products with living nature in an art installation to be seen by many people all around the world. Using the power and social function of art to state universal human problems with focus on environment. The design and creation of the project are based on science and modern technology.

Our doom, the one we are inevitably getting closer to. The doom we are so recklessly calling for. Can it be slowed down? Could we change anything? We are overwhelmed by desires weighing on us. With our last breath we want more. Curled at the bottom, we are painfully waiting for our final hour. Can we carry our sins to be reborn again?

The project is divided in two main parts — The Last Supper and Reborn.


The Last Supper


The first part covers the theme of humanity’s self-eating. The installation is comprised of a human embryo on a plate held up by its umbilical cord. The original model is made of papier mâché — egg cartons. These are the useless waste used to make something creative and a new life. A copy of the little plastic is placed in an aquarium filled with sea water with living corals planted on the embryo surface. The corals beauty and colours will gradually envelop the shape. The entire process is filmed with cameras from different angles.



Last Supper’s presentation is accompanied by a massive audio-visual exhibition consisting of 40 large installations. There is a deliberate symbolism in that number. Each of the installations is made of unnecessary materials — egg cartons, paper, cardboard, disposed parts of different appliances, plastic, metal. The themes covered are derived from mythology and the Bible. These are the themes that have puzzled humanity since ancient times all the way to modern days — Creation, Sin, Forgiveness, Judgement Day. Part of the income from sold installations shall be donated to charity — for afforestation.


On this page we would like to share our progress for the last over 2 years working on this project and the steps we went through so far. 


1. The Egg Crate Model

The Egg Crate - once protector of the creation now waste byproduct of the consume. Here the cycle starts again to be reborn multiple time in different synthetic and organic materials... A long journey to close the cycle is about to begin. 

2. Replicating the model in one-way bottles plastic

The paper model was 3d scanned. We acquire our first 3D Printer and start experimenting with different type of materials. The main challenge was to find a printable material which won't degrade or start leaking non reef safe chemicals over time. After going through countless iteration we decided to use PETG, which is also based on the PET which is food safe grade material and widely used in form of one way plastic bottles.   

3. The living model

The  model is also functional - designed to be an active bio filter as well. A pump is forcing water from the bottom through special ceramic media made to promote beneficial  bacteria growth inside. The model becomes the center of the biological reef ecosystem providing safe environment to billions on microorganisms which will be responsible of keeping the reef ecosystem going. To kick off the biological cycle we add media and dead corals from already running reef system. Also a custom stand and a tank war designed and build.  


4. Planting the corals


The system was running for 6 months and slowly we started adding the first corals we ware planing to plant later.  Different reef Invertebrates ware also added to clean the newly grown algae. After almost 9 Months of environment preparation we can plant the first corals on the model. Since COVID-19 is in its pick, we have to do this remotely.

5. Reborn on scale

Inspired by the ability of nature to take over submerged structures we plan to build the model on scale - 3 meters hight and install it in the ocean. We will again plant living corals all over the massiv metal structure and let them grow. We are sure that this will attract divers all around the world to observe this art - nature symbiosis project.  


0. The Inspiration

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