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Timeline of the Universe


The idea of creating such a project was born eight years ago. I started to create it but due to different reasons the paintings took a different path. In June 2016 I held exhibition in CERN and I met people with whom I shared my idea. That’s how we decided to start work on it.

This is a project that collects science and art in one. It tells of the evolution of the Universe from birth to the appearance of the human being. The stages of development are drawn with the colors of the spectrum. Each color reveals a different reality. In harmony with the colors sounds music that develops in parallel with the composition. As we know painting and music are connected and together they enhance perceptions. The abstract forms give freedom to the imagination and the opportunity to dive in a different world. The entire installation is exposed in a circle as symbolically reminiscent of the human eye from the entrance. The violet color is beginning - the “Big Bang”, going through the other colors of the rainbow to get to the red - our world.


Prof. Dr. Leandar Litov has a major role in the creation and the implementation of the project. Atanas Batinkov and Teodora Nikolova also provided support. The music is composed by Emil Pehlivanov. The work on the installation took seven months. Curator of the CERN exhibition is Michael Hoch.


Doncho Donchev

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